curriculumSchool Days, LLC, promotes “Creative Curriculum” to allow your child to make choices, learn at their own pace, feel independent, and be successful. Your child will learn to take responsibility, to question, and to experiment, not only in school but through their lives. They will learn through structured play. “Creative Curriculum” is approved by the State of Connecticut Early Childhood licensing and benchmarks. Our teachers will use this curriculum to identify goals in social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of your child.

The lesson plans prepared for your child include organizing the environment, using selective toys & materials, planning the daily schedule, and talking with the children in open circle time, where the children learn about their world through teacher directed activities. These lessons are designed to reach the goals we set and give your child the successful start they deserve for kindergarten and for life. We will use assessment tools to develop your child’s individual goals. The children are assessed through informal observations throughout the day as they play. Formal progress reports will be provided twice a year where parents will be invited to meet one on one with the teachers. Daily emails or notes will go home with the children to keep the parents aware at all times.

A child’s mind is like a sponge. We believe that what a child learns or experiments by the age of 5, can influence how they will perform as they grow older. We encourage the parents to be involved with us. This is a partnership, the collaboration between the school, home and community.

We welcome you and your child with open arms!