At School Days, LLC, our goal is to nurture each child’s physical, social, emotional, language, and intellectual development. We will help your child be an independent thinker while also enthusiastically teaching self confidence. Parents will be aware of our curriculum planning and goals.
Our environment at School Days will capture the interest of your child. A carefully organized and age appropriate classroom environment will make it inviting to your child to observe, make choices, and experiment.

Since young children learn through play, they need the opportunity to handle manipulatives, to explore, to interact with other children, to think, and to participate. Your child will use all his/her senses such as taste, touch, sound, smell, and sight in different activities.

We, at School Days, LLC, strive to allow each child to grow at their own pace, address all his/her needs, and ensure that he/she is ready for the kindergarten challenge and life in general.